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“Ask an Expert” | Aspartame

You asked, and we answered. RD Robyn Flipse answers a few of the questions submitted to The Skinny on Low Cal’s “Ask an Expert”. 0:36 – Why are some food and beverage companies removing aspartame from their products? Does this mean it’s not safe? 1:30 – What is the best sugar substitute for people who … Continue reading

How aspartame products fit into healthy eating

Health experts agree that eating well and being physically active are keys to a healthful lifestyle. To help people achieve a more healthful lifestyle, the U.S. government provides “Dietary Guidelines for Americans,” which encourages consumers to “Choose and prepare foods and beverages with little added sugars or caloric sweeteners.” The World Health Organization also recommends … Continue reading

Can aspartame help people lose weight?

Yes. Studies have shown that foods and beverages sweetened with aspartame can be an effective “tool” as part of a weight management program. Aspartame, however, is not a drug and does not stimulate weight loss. It does help make possible good tasting low- or reduced-calorie foods and beverages for those who wish to control or … Continue reading

Aspartame Can Help You Stick to Your Diet!

Aspartame helps with many aspects of your weight loss journey that you may not realize. It can help reduce calories in your food and beverages and also helps people trying to control their short and long term blood sugar levels. Aspartame can sweeten food and beverages without the additional calories in your diet. It allows … Continue reading

Aspartame Lifestyle

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Lifestyle Tools

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