Benefits of Aspartame

Aspartame has enjoyed a long history of safe use in the United States and around to the world. Substituting aspartame for sugar or other calorie-containing sweeteners allows people to indulge sweet cravings while consuming fewer calories. That can provide a number of potential benefits.

Benefits of Aspartame
Aspartame is Beneficial in Weight Control

With the high incidence of overweight and obesity and related health problems, balancing calorie intake with physical activity is key to reducing and maintaining a healthy weight. Finding ways to lower calorie intake without sacrificing taste and eating pleasure is key. Several studies confirm that low-calorie sweeteners like aspartame can play a role. In a study comparing two groups, one consuming low-calorie sweetened foods and beverages and the other sugar-sweetened varieties, the sugar group consumed more calories, felt less full and gained weight while the low-calorie sweetener group ate fewer calories, felt more full and lost weight. An analysis of 24 studies demonstrated that replacing regular-calorie sweetened foods with low-calorie versions led to a modest weight loss. Another review of 16 studies found that foods and drinks sweetened with aspartame instead of sugar were an effective way to lose and maintain weight without reducing the palatability of the diet.

Benefits of Aspartame
Aspartame Enhances and Extends Flavors

Aspartame has a clean, sugar-like taste so it enhances fruit and citrus flavors in foods and beverages. In chewing gum, it helps to retain its sweetness up to four times longer than sugar-sweetened gum.

Aspartame is Helpful for Individuals with Diabetes

Aspartame allows those with diabetes to satisfy their cravings for sweets without raising their blood sugar. According to a recent report published in US Endocrinology, “Low-calorie sweeteners can serve an important role in diabetes prevention and management. Substituting sugars with low-calorie sweeteners provides patients with type 2 diabetes considerable flexibility in their health goals and personal dietary preferences.”

For more information about diabetes and low-calorie sweeteners, like aspartame, please visit the American Diabetes Association.

Aspartame Helps Prevent Tooth Decay

According to the American Dental Association, low-calorie sweeteners like aspartame don’t promote decay-causing acids in your mouth that can harm teeth. They also note that clinical studies have shown that chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes following meals can help prevent tooth decay.

Aspartame Can Be Part of a Healthful Diet

Aspartame can be easily included as part of a healthful diet. It can be used to reduce or replace calories from sugar while maintaining great taste. Consider some of these nutritious reduced-calorie recipes, created with low-calorie sweeteners.

Aspartame Tastes Like Sugar

Studies conducted with taste-test panels show that many believe aspartame’s taste is very similar to the taste of sugar. Because it is 200 times sweeter than table sugar a lot less aspartame is needed to sweeten foods and beverages.


Because aspartame is 200 times sweeter than sugar, less can be used to give the same level of sweetness. Check out this list of products to help you start cutting sugar today.

Soda, Cola, Cold Drink.

Aspartame Lifestyle

Learning to live a healthier lifestyle is easy when you change one small thing at a time. Find recipes and tips to start the change today!

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