Meta-Analysis Indicates Aspartame Effective for Weight Loss

ATLANTA (October 5, 2006) — Foods and beverages sweetened with aspartame can help consumers lose weight, according to a recent review of previous aspartame studies published in the June issue of the British Nutrition Foundation Nutrition Bulletin. Researchers examined 16 randomized controlled trials of aspartame and its effect on caloric intake and body weight. Fifteen of the studies used energy intake as an outcome measure. The estimated rate of weight loss for the 16 studies was approximately 0.4 pounds per week. “Strategies to reverse the upward trend in obesity rates need to focus on both reducing energy intake and increasing energy expenditure,” explained lead author Anne de la Hunty. “The use of intense sweeteners as a substitute for sucrose potentially offers one way of helping people to reduce the energy density of their diet without any loss of palatability.” This recent review indicates that aspartame, as part of an overall healthy diet, can help consumers cut calories and lose weight.

More information is available at the American Council on Science and Health’s web site.

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